Flexibility is the central theme of this collection of shelves and coffee tables. The basic structure comprising a wooden ladder-like structure is available in different heights and widths providing the possibility of numerous layouts and combinations. The length and height chosen can change the nature of the system and the shelves become a line of adjoining furniture or a coffee table. It is also possible to choose a combination of different coloured marble or to accentuate tint unity.



Sylvain Willenz

Structure: solid oak uprights and crossties; Shelf top: 28mm thick solid marble, glued to crossties Bolted assembly; Other dimensions and materials available upon request.

1. ALASH3D   H1005 x D465 x W2140 mm
2. ALASH2D   H590 x D465 x W2140 mm
3. ALATAS       H350 x D465 x W1300 mm
4. ALATAD      H350 x D870 x W1300 mm
5. ALASH2S   H590 x D465 x W1300 mm
6. ALASH3S   H1005 x D465 x W1300 mm